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Special Needs Class with The Willow Grove


The Willow Grove

community for families with children experiencing delays in development
A welcoming community of Montessori parenting & philosophy for toddlers + their caregivers. A place where all are capable and connected.

Class goals:
  • learn ways to support targeted areas through natural play
  • build community and connect with other caregivers who have entered parenthood different than expected
  • be supported in your parenting practice and how to advocate for your child
  • observe the developmental needs of your child
  • use that observation to guide their growth
  • develop specific skills (i.e. fine motor, gross motor, language, concentration) for your child

The Willow Grove Classes

general information
  • Class size is limited to 8 families in toddler and 10 families in the baby class.
  • Siblings/multiples are welcome to attend with a single caregiver.
  • Younger siblings welcome in the toddler class! Tuition will be charged once they are 1 year old.
  • Older siblings (18mo +) are discouraged from attending the baby class.
  • Children are encouraged to be barefoot or wear thin soled indoor shoes. However, if your child needs the support of shoes and/or inserts, please do what is best for their needs!
  • Caregivers are asked to remove their shoes and wear either socks or indoor slippers.
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The Willow Grove Baby Class

more information
newborn - 15/18 months*
*Generally based on nap schedule (2 nap versus 1 nap) and which fits your schedule best. If on the fence, I recommend to start with the baby class.



Happy Holler Circle
4307 Central Avenue Pike
Knoxville, TN 37912
Mother and Baby

The Willow Grove Toddler Class

more information
15/18 months* - 3 years old
*Generally based on nap schedule (1 nap versus 2 naps) and which fits your schedule best. If on the fence, I recommend to start with the baby class.


*Younger siblings can attend for free until their first birthday

Happy Holler Circle

4307 Central Avenue Pike
Knoxville, TN 37912

About The Willow Grove

Welcome! I'm Rebekah Daws.

A former teacher. My background is in special education, specifically Deaf education. I taught at a school for the Deaf for 7 years before I had my first child. I had a typical pregnancy and delivery (as typical as a pregnancy and delivery could be during a pandemic). However, several hours after birth my daughter had a medical emergency and was rushed to the NICU. Her first year of life did not go quite how I expected. It was full of doctor visits, specialists, scans, physical therapy, occupational therapy, weekly visits from a developmental therapist, etc. All during this, I felt isolated and alone. I wanted to be surrounded by other parents going through similar experiences. As the pandemic started settling down, I found Happy Holler Circle. A wonderful community led by Rebekah Carpenter, a Montessori teacher and parent consultant. What I loved about the group was having a place where my child could learn, explore, and interact with other children while I had other parents to connect to and an expert I could learn from. I loved learning  how the Montessori approach meets every child where they are. It focuses on and respects the child. I found these ideas so meaningful in my parenting of a child with disabilities. A vision was born from this. What if there was a community just like this but for those entering parenthood a little differently than expected? A community to not only support a child with disabilities or delays but also support the parent/caregiver. Now I have the opportunity to turn this vision into a reality with Happy Holler Circle. The Willow Grove is a place for parents to connect, children to feel capable, and a place for everyone to learn, grow and connect.

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