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Get to Know Me
and My Montessori Parenting Philosophy

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Happy Holler Circle

Hi! I’m Rebekah Carpenter, and I am a Montessori teacher turned parent educator. Working in the classroom was so much fun - but I kept hearing parents say things like, “I wish you could come to my house to get him to do that” or “Sure that works at school, but what do we do at home?”.


When the pandemic hit, managing at home became even more critical. I watched families struggle to find balance between work and family, to create safe spaces, and to establish boundaries while feeling overwhelmed.


I started Happy Holler Circle as a way to support parents. As the child’s first teacher - the one who is there for their entire life and not just the blip of a school year - parent confidence is vital!

Whether you attend a parent child class or meet with me individually for parent coaching, Happy Holler Circle is a place for you to learn, connect with like-minded families, and be seen. My goal is supporting families by guiding parents and respecting the magic of childhood.


Montessori Parent Education

You will notice that a Montessori teacher is called 'director', 'directress', or 'guide'. You can encourage a child to walk, you can offer them space to practice, but you can not force them to take steps. Maria Montessori understood that we guide the child into forming themselves, but the child does the work. The rest of education follows the same principle.

I approach parent education the same way. I aim to meet parents where they are and help them feel peaceful and assured in their parenting choices. I want you to go to bed feeling confident, competent, and secure in how you handled each moment with your family, even during the challenging times. The exact path that gets you there might look a little different for each family, just as education should be tailored to each individual child. 

The end result is that families feel supported because parents are receiving the guidance they need to craft respectful childhoods.



Rebekah Carpenter

When I am not working on something related to Happy Holler Circle, you can find me curled up on the hammock on my back porch reading a book. I'm a big fan of young adult, fantasy, science fiction, and the occasional non-fiction work. Or reading a blog - I welcome a good blog suggestion! I was raised on John Wayne westerns, so whiskey is my drink of choice. I love choral music and the feeling of singing in a choir.

What else?

My husband and I live in Old North Knox, and we love being able to walk to do all of the things: the food truck park, the mechanic, the eye doctor, the grocery store, multiple options for food and drinks, even a solid drag show! On Tuesdays, there's a motorcycle meet up. I've never been, but it's nice to have options. ;) Happy Holler has it all, and I love that I am adding my own stamp to this thriving community with Happy Holler Circle. 

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