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One on One Parenting Help

Toilet Learning

A gentle approach to "potty training", where we give children the tools for independent toilet learning. You will learn how to set up your home, schedules to keep, and how to approach each situation with calm and ease.

Parent Support

Parenting is hard work, and you deserve support. If you feel like you are not getting it right, need help, or have read all the books but don't know how to implement them in the moment, I can help.

Homeschool Help

If you are thinking about homeschooling with a Montessori approach, let's work together to give you the tools needed to support your child's education!

Bedroom Design

Learn the pieces needed for a Montessori bedroom. From shopping suggestions to tackling how to use a floor bed to how to set up a wardrobe for independent dressing, let's get the room ready!

Preparing for a Sibling

Congratulations on your growing family! Adding a new member is exciting, but it can also come with a lot of big feelings for siblings - even when those siblings have been begging you to add one more! Learn how to support your child(ren) for the change.

Toy Rotation

Learn how to set up the home to encourage deep concentration. If you feel like your child has a million toys but none of them get played with, this is for you.


Managing Big Emotions

Little humans can still have BIG feelings. Learn how to help them through those emotions and how to help them return to a calm, regulated space. We will look at recent examples in their life to identify triggers and implement strategies for helping them in future situations.

Every new family consultation comes with a FREE 30 minute initial conversation BEFORE you are asked to pay anything.

Once we know we are a good fit for each other, we can schedule future sessions.


Let me know what type of consultation you are interested in,

and we can get the FREE introductory session scheduled!

Thank you for trusting me to help your family! You will hear back from me soon.

Consultations are $120*/50 minute session. Some topics only need one or two sessions, while others meet over the course of several weeks or months. I want to give you the tools to tackle things confidently, but I also want to remain available to help!

Most sessions take place over Zoom. If you are local, sometimes it makes more sense for them to be in person, with an additional fee for travel.

*Sliding scale available. If this feels cost prohibitive, please reach out anyway!

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