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Montessori Parent +Baby Class


Parent +Baby Class

for newborns to ~ 16 months
A welcoming space to introduce Montessori to babies and their caregivers.

This 90 minute class is largely unstructured, allowing each caregiver to follow the needs of their individual baby when it comes to feeding, sleep, and play.

The classroom encourages exploration. Young babies will find materials to help practice their visual sense and budding ability to grasp objects. Older babies will explore materials that encourage movement, from crawling to walking. The babies also get to explore meeting other babies!

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to come with questions about supporting their child's development. Babies are constantly learning and growing, and I want you to know how best to support them! You will gain tools to support your parenting practice while building community with with other families. 

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Parent + Baby Class

schedule and location
newborns to walking well (typically 16/18 months); expectant parents are also welcome to observe a class

8 weeks - starting class mid-session is possible depending on enrollment. Email for availability!

Upcoming sessions:
Fall Session 1
August 17th - October 7th

Fall Session 2
October 17th - December 16th
(no classes the week of Nov. 21-26)

Tuesdays or Fridays from 12:30-2pm

$208 for 8 classes

OLPNA Clubhouse
916 Shamrock Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37917
Street parking is available on Shamrock Avenue and Henegar Street.
The parking lot is not available during Knox County School hours.

Montessori Baby Class

other information
  • There are up to 8 families per group.
  • Siblings/twins are welcome to attend with a single caregiver.
  • Older siblings are discouraged from attending this class.
  • Shoes are not allowed in the classroom. Please bring non-slip socks/slippers for you and your child. The marble floor is cold and slick!

  • Masks are required for adults and children 3+.
  • Please stay home if you or your child are showing cold or fever symptoms.
  • If you or your child have been exposed, you may not attend class until 10 days post exposure. While CDC guidance recommends a 5 day quarantine, they state it should be followed with 5 additional days of excellent masking. It is not developmentally appropriate to expect children of this age range to meet that masking requirement.