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The Willow Grove: Toddler Class
The Willow Grove: Toddler Class

Mon, Feb 26


Happy Holler Circle

The Willow Grove: Toddler Class

Does your child have special needs or a developmental delay? Find your community here!

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Time & Location

Feb 26, 2024, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Happy Holler Circle, 4307 Central Ave Pike, Knoxville, TN 37912, USA

About the event

A drop-in class for families with toddlers who have developmental delays.

Things to Bring:

  • Children are encouraged to be barefoot or wear thin soled indoor shoes. However, if your child needs the support of shoes and/or inserts, please do what is best for their needs!
  • Caregivers are asked to remove their shoes and wear either socks or indoor slippers.
  • Snack - I do provide a small snack, but some children need more food!

Entering Class:

When you and your child arrive, you will take off your shoes and find a spot to store your diaper bag, etc. Your child will also take off their shoes, and we will support them to do this as independently as possible!

Let them take their time. Children are often slower to transition than adults, learn a lot from observing, and will feel more comfortable and confident entering class when they get to do it at their own pace. There's no rush. If they spend half the class taking off their shoes and watching the room, that is still a valuable use of time.

The purpose behind wearing separate shoes, besides keeping our classroom clean, is to offer a mental transition into the space. Taking the time to do it slowly and with intention helps you both be present in the moment and prepared to spend time together in class.

Classroom Expectations:

Allow the child to lead. They may be a whirlwind and doing a million things at once, or they may need to sit in your lap and watch for a while before engaging. Either way is fine!

When their hands are on a work, our hands are off. The exceptions are when they ask for help, even non verbally, or for safety. They are more capable than we realize, and this is our time to let them practice!

Keep your volume low. Adult conversations are encouraged and welcomed, but we want to make sure they aren’t interrupting the work of the children.

Photos/videos are welcome! However, please be respectful of other families and do not include their children in your pictures without permission. If your child is the type to be distracted by the camera, please refrain.

On sharing: Montessori does this a little differently. Each child may work with one thing at a time. When they have a toy, it is theirs until they are all done and return it to the shelf. However, once it’s returned to the shelf, anyone else is welcome to use it. If another child tries to take a toy from yours, you can kindly tell them, “He is using this right now, but you can use it when he is all done!”

Help your child return their lesson to the shelf when they are done. Older children may need a reminder or to do it together with you. For younger children, you can model this by doing it for them.

Place any mouthed items in the containers in the window sills to be sanitized.


Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere in the classroom the parent feels comfortable.

I provide a small snack that has some element of work to it - like taking the peel off of the banana. If you bring additional food, please avoid nuts. We sit to eat snack. This can be a difficult rule for children who are used to snacking on the go, but they are very capable!

COVID-19 & Illness

Please stay home if you or your children are sick to protect our community.

Wishing everyone health right now and always!


  • The Willow Grove:Toddler Class

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