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Happy Holler Circle's Blog Recommendations

My first blog post! Yeah, I know blogs had their heyday, we all moved to podcasts and reels, yada yada yada. Sure, I hear you, I love those things too. Maybe I will dabble in them one day. You know, when they are not super trendy anymore, as is my fashion. ANYWAY.

If you read my bio, you will see that I directly ask for blog recommendations! I open my blog reader app every single day. It is my go-to before social media. I also feel less icky about spending time reading blogs, even if I am still using it as a way to procrastinate on my to-do list.

So, even though I am late to the party, I am happy to be here, writing a blog. If you are like me and still enjoy a good blog, I have some recommendations for you!

These are the Montessori parenting blogs that I keep in my feed to inspire me, remind me what questions parents are asking, and get a good dose of inspiration for lessons to put in the classroom.


3 Montessori Parenting Blogs

  1. The Kavanaugh Report is written by Nicole, mom of 5(!), with practical tips for how to do Montessori at home. Thanks to her handful of children, she has a lot of suggestions for children at specific ages. I find her shopping suggestions particularly helpful when I am debating between similar products. Since she has a handful of test subjects at home, I trust her reviews!

  2. The Montessori Notebook is Simone Davies' blog. Simone runs Montessori parent child classes in Amsterdam, just like I do! I found her years ago, and she was the entire inspiration behind Happy Holler Circle. Her blog is a wealth of inspiration for both parents and teachers. When I grow up, I want to be Simone.

  3. Carrots are Orange is a blog by Marnie, and she focuses a little more on Montessori homeschooling. She talks a lot about her own homeschool schedule with her children, which I find fascinating! She also creates materials for Montessori homeschooling families based off of her own work.


Did I miss a great Montessori blog? Leave a comment and let me know!

Actually, could you just list out every blog you read and love? I tend to enjoy smaller blogs that are just about people's regular life. I have a favorite blog for time management, workplace issues (which is hysterical because I work at home alone), fashion, financial independence... My blog reading spans a lot of categories. So if you have ones you enjoy, I want to know about them!

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